In partnership with the UUA and the Veatch Program of the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock, UUSC has produced an exciting new set of religious education and worship resources for congregations interested in learning more about Haiti and UUSC's recovery work there. Beyond the Mountain, a curriculum made up of five workshops, introduces congregants to the history, culture, and people of Haiti, highlighting UUSC's ongoing response to the devastating January 2010 earthquake.

The workshop series engages congregants in the underlying causes of Haiti's economic and political struggles. While building that foundational knowledge, it also explains the work that UUSC and its partners are doing to support Haitians as they build a more hopeful and sustainable future for themselves.

In a manner similar to the UUA's new Tapestry of Faith curricula, the workshop materials — which is downloadable and customizable — include engaging group activities and a variety of multimedia components that explain the work of UUSC partners: interviews with ordinary Haitians, photos, and more. Workshops are designed for audiences of all ages (youth through adults) with special optional activities for children. These are excellent resources for any congregation interested in learning more about global justice work and UUSC's response in Haiti. The curriculum is strongly recommended for congregations planning to send delegations on upcoming UUSC JustWorks service-learning trips to Haiti.

Download the workshops and related resources here:

In this one-hour webinar recording, Jessica York, Beyond the Mountain author, gives an overview of the curriculum, with suggestions on how to bring this resource to your congregation. Evan Seitz, UUSC’s associate for experiential learning and youth services, also answers questions.

Workshop 1: The Work of UUSC [PDF]
Who is UUSC? [video]
Learn about the work of UUSC and the UUA and how their collaboration puts UU faith into action all over the world. Recognize what makes UUSC unique in its approach to humanitarian aid. Define and explore marginalization through personal experience. Witness the work of an eye-to-eye partnership that focuses on the needs of women.
KOFAVIV [video]

Workshop 2: Haitian History [PDF]
Review highlights from Haitian history. Start to discover connections between U.S. and Haitian histories, including U.S. involvement in Haiti. Identify Haitian resiliency as a force that runs through history. Recognize the interconnectedness of history and world events. Witness the work of an eye-to-eye partnership that focuses on the needs of rural communities. Discuss food sovereignty issues in your community.
MPP: Papaye Peasant Movement [video]
Postcards from Haiti: Activity handout [PDF]

Workshop 3: A Taste of Haitian Culture [PDF]
Learn about various elements of Haitian culture and explore how these elements influence the lives of the Haitian people.
APROSFIA [video]
Haitian Art [PPT]

Workshop 4: Haiti and the United States [PDF]
Explore in greater depth the history between the United States and Haiti. Witness the work of an eye-to-eye partnership that focuses on recovery from trauma. Hear the unique perspectives of members of the Haitian diaspora living in the United States.
TRI: Trauma Resource Institute [video]

Workshop 5: The Work Continues [PDF]
Explore the vulnerabilities of young people in Haiti. Witness the work of an eye-to-eye partnership that focuses on the needs of children. Recognize ways your congregation currently supports children in the community and envision new ways it can support children at risk. Dream of a better Haiti and promise to join hands with UUSC and its partners to bring that future into reality.
Camp Oasis [video]

Additional resources for worship services and religious leaders will also be added in the forthcoming weeks to deepen your engagement with the curriculum. Bookmark this page now and check back for updates.