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By celebrating Guest at Your Table, you are helping nurture a spirit of gratitude and "justice, equity, and compassion in human relations." Guest at Your Table fosters understanding and awareness of UUSC's human rights work.

Guest at Your Table is an annual tradition in which congregation members learn about several people with whom UUSC is working. This year, we are featuring people who have empowered others to realize their human rights. These people are your “guests,” and we ask you to share your blessings with them to support our shared mission.

Most congregations begin their Guest at Your Table celebration on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, November 24, 2013. Please check your congregational calendar for your opening date.

Are you coordinating Guest at Your Table in your congregation? Check out our organizers' page for materials, ideas, and support!

Your guests

Who are this year’s special guests? Learn about them here!

Gifts to Guest at Your Table

When your congregation concludes the program, please convert the donations raised for our guests into a check. Then return it in the Guest at Your Table envelope to your congregation’s Guest coordinator or send it to us directly at UUSC Guest at Your Table, PO Box 808, Newark, NJ 07101-0808.

The funds raised through this program support our human-rights work in the United States and around the world! Individuals and families can also contribute online to Guest at Your Table during their congregation's Guest program.

Wrapping up Guest at Your Table

Have you already concluded Guest at Your Table in your congregation? Learn all you need to know to wrap up your program.