The following list illustrates the many ways in which UUSC translates support from donors during Guest at Your Table into tangible projects to advance human rights.

Gifts of $20 and up

  • $20 pays for training in survey collection to collect data from poultry-processing workers on their wages, working conditions, and the most serious issues facing them on the job. The Northwest Arkansas Workers' Justice Center will use these surveys to launch an organizing campaign against a local poultry plant in the area.

  • $50 will send one participant to a two-day training in trauma resiliency, a technique that helps Haitians cope with the physical and emotional impacts of the 2010 earthquake.

  • $60 pays to distribute 15 copies of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United National Diners' Guide to Ethical Eating. A new expanded version is being released soon! The guide educates consumers about labor practices in popular fast-food, casual, and fine-dining restaurants — and provides tools to advocate for better conditions.

  • $75 will support one youth at risk for labor exploitation and trafficking near the Uganda-Kenya border by enabling that youth's participation in a project with Muungano, a UUSC partner. The project provides healthy livelihood opportunities through planting traditional organic crops and using harvests to establish food kiosks and catering services.

Gifts of $100 and up

Remember, your gift of $100 or above qualifies for a matching gift from the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock, in Manhasset, N.Y.!

  • $100 provides one month of art supplies for 10 children in the art-therapy program at the Association for the Promotion of Integral Family Healthcare clinic in Haiti.

  • $200 pays for the Northwest Arkansas Workers' Justice Center booth and flyers at a local fair, to educate poultry-processing workers about their right to healthy and safe working conditions in the poultry plants.

  • $250 provides materials for tire gardens, including platform construction, compost, organic seeds, maintenance, and technical assistance from an agronomist for planting a set of 10 tires. This is part of a highly successful sustainability project in Haiti.

  • $400 pays for a radio show in Darfur that will broaden understanding of domestic violence and how to stop it from an Islamic perspective. This effort supports women's rights and healthy families.

Gifts of $500 and up

  • $1,500 pays for one forum of 100 women with the Kenya National Alliance of Street Vendors and Informal Traders.

  • $10,000 pays for a potable water system for an eco-village of 10 houses in Haiti, part of a highly successful sustainability project to help communities displaced by the earthquake.

Please note: Your generous Guest at Your Table gift is unrestricted. This means that UUSC will use it where the need is greatest.