By coordinating a Guest at Your Table celebration for your congregation, you help participants of all ages nurture lasting connections to UU principles, build awareness about social justice and human rights, and strengthen UUSC's work. Thank you for joining us in this special UU tradition. This year we are celebrating empowerment in human rights work.

Set your dates

The suggested date for opening Guest at Your Table is always the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This year, that date is November 24, 2013, but please schedule Guest at Your Table worship activities for the time that best suits your congregation.

Most congregations celebrate Guest at Your Table for four to six weeks, ending with a special worship service or other activity to collect the donations.

Acquire program materials

Worship and religious education materials will be available electronically. We have planning guidance for organizers, worship resources, and religious education materials. View and download materials. You can save the files, then print only the pages you need.

Printed program materials can be ordered free of charge, including Stories of Hope, posters, envelopes, etc. Click here to order now through the UUSC store. We can also provide printed copies of any downloadable materials if necessary; contact us at volunteerservices @ to request them.

Consider taking part in Guest at Your Table online. Your congregation can have its own program web page, and members of the congregation can each create their own pages, easily share progress toward your goal, and send reminders and other messages to participants and contributors.

We send key information to every UUSC local representative, Guest at Your Table coordinator, and congregation. If you did not receive your information, please notify us at volunteerservices @ so we can add you to our Guest at Your Table mailing list.

Reminder: Please order your essential Guest at Your Table supplies well in advance of your opening date. We will ship in a timely manner prior to the date of your service. If you need your order within seven days, rush shipping can be accommodated for an additional fee.

Find inspiration

Learn about this year's guests, who are featured in the Stories of Hope booklets, and on the Guest at Your Table poster!

Get your creative juices flowing by reading about great ideas for Guest at Your Table activities and events that have been used in other congregations.

Interested in organizing a challenge campaign, in which your congregants' gifts are matched by a few generous individuals in your congregation? Contact us at volunteerservices @ to get started!

Share news of a special anniversary incentive: your congregation can work to win a special visit and sermon by Rev. Bill Schulz! This is a lead-up to celebrating the 40th year of Guest at Your Table.

Get support

Questions about planning Guest at Your Table? Please check out our planning FAQs. If you need further assistance with planning your congregation's Guest at Your Table program, please contact UUSC Volunteer Services at volunteerservices @ or 617-301-4366.