Welcome to Building Bridges: Refugee Support and Advocacy Toolkit

2015 saw the largest number of people forced to flee their homes in recorded history. Worldwide, there are currently 19.5 million refugees and another 38.2 million people displaced within their own countries. In the face of a humanitarian crisis this vast, it’s common to feel powerless – but we are not powerless. There are many ways that we can take action. UUSC has created this toolkit to help individuals, congregations, campus clubs, and community groups mobilize in support of refugees.

Find an action that suits you or your organization and learn how to get involved today:

  1. Organize a Refugee Welcoming Action in your community
  2. Take Action to Counter anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant bigotry
  3. Advocate for refugee rights and integration

Refugee Response Network

Whichever action you choose, you can also join the UUSC Refugee Rapid Response Network to receive special alerts and news updates about the world’s refugee crisis and what you can do. You can participate in educational webinars with leaders in the movement, and calls to engage with other UUSC refugee rights advocates. By joining the Refugee Rapid Response Network, you’ll have opportunities to connect with refugee crisis partner organizations in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States; and migrant justice partner organizations along the Central American migration route from El Salvador to the U.S. southern border and beyond. JOIN NOW!

Learn more about the Refugee Crisis, including Frequently Asked Questions, and an overview of the current status of refugees around the world. For a profile of refugees entering the United States, the difficulties they encounter navigating the U.S. resettlement process, the special circumstances of refugees from Syria and those from Central America, click here. Learn more about the UUSC Refugee Crisis Partner Organizations providing aid and advocacy services along the Eastern Migration Route into Europe; the UUSC Migrant Justice Partners performing vital work along the Central American Migration Route into the United States; and an introduction to UUSC and its commitment to challenging injustice and advancing human rights throughout the world.

UUSC is a member of the Refugees Welcome Coalition, an initiative dedicated to show that Americans from all walks of life stand ready to welcome all refugees, regardless of their nationality, religion, or ethnic group. We encourage you to visit the coalition’s website and register your local events for their map and calendar.

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