UUSC Expresses Solidarity with CEECCNA Partners Facing Authoritarian Crackdown

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A Message for Spring

With spring right around the corner, enjoy this revitalizing message of community and hope from Joshua Leach, associate for programs, research and advocacy at UUSC.

March 17, 2018

Josh delivered the following sermon at First Unitarian Dallas in Dallas, Tex. earlier this month.

“Withdrawal from the struggle yields an exaggerated fear of loss. When we are too ensconced in privilege and security, we start to harbor illusions of immortality. We think we can preserve everything, so long as we risk nothing. But when we are confronted each day by the reality of loss, when we see first-hand the evanescence of things, then we value all the more those people and principles that really count. And we become ready to sacrifice for them…Walk into the struggle, and you may find hope. Walk into the fear, and you may find courage.”

Watch the video and be inspired!

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