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ALEC fears us

October 21, 2014

Graphic: Democracy Shouldn't Be Up for Auction. Tell eBay to leave ALEC.

When ALEC feels threatened by Unitarian Universalists and our allies, we know we’re doing something right.

Since we launched our petition telling eBay to leave the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), more than 1,960 supporters have signed! ALEC is a national political organization in which some 300 multinational corporations meet privately with 2,000 state legislators to craft model legislation on a range of topics affecting our rights and the quality of our lives.

ALEC advances an extreme legislative agenda that hurts people and the planet.

We’re gaining visibility — ALEC even mentioned Unitarian Universalist opposition in a recent fundraising appeal to their members! ALEC wrote that “professional activists ranging from Common Cause to the Unitarian Universalist Church just won’t stop.” Then they asked supporters to donate to ALEC in response to the threat that we pose!

More information about ALEC:

ALEC operates on a legally and ethically questionable model in which business interests have unparalleled access to work with individual state lawmakers to draft “model” legislation that lawmakers then introduce.

ALEC’s corporate board represents key sectors like energy and oil, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and high tech. Task forces devise strategies and policies to roll back regulations on our health and safety, environmental protections, voter rights, telecommunications, and public education. ALEC has helped finance climate deniers and worked to keep the minimum wage below the poverty level.

As a human rights organization, we believe that a healthy democracy requires above-board policy advocacy and lobbying. We all have a right to know who is doing the lobbying, how much they are spending, which politicians are involved, and how that affects what our representatives say and do.

Grassroots activists and consumers like you are putting public pressure on individual corporations. You’re sending the message that their participation in ALEC is unacceptable.

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