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Fair Trade = Supporting Economic Justice

By supporting cooperatives like UUSC partners Equal Exchange and Fundación Entre Mujeres you can put your faith and values to action during Fair Trade Month and everyday!

By Philip Hamilton on October 11, 2017

Every day, we are confronted with simple choices that have broad impacts such as: “What coffee should I buy?” or “Where do my clothes get made?” Like so many people, I am pulled in a constant tug of war between my desire to find affordable products and my desire to live my values of advancing economic and environmental justice.

As UUSC celebrates Fair Trade and Cooperative Month this October, I am reflecting on my daily decisions and how I can support cooperatives advancing the fight for economic justice with each one I make.

Cooperatives: A Different Way Forward

Cooperatives are “autonomous associations of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.” They play a critical role in producing the products we rely on, from the coffee you drink to the clothing you wear. Given the ways in which many large companies shirk responsibilities to employees and the environment in the pursuit of ever-growing profits, cooperatives provide an alternative option that focuses on cooperation and justice for workers and the planet.

The UUSC Fair Trade Project

It is precisely because cooperatives are a different way forward that UUSC has partnered with Equal Exchange, a worker-owned cooperative in the United States. This partnership allows us to support other cooperatives throughout the world with the UUSC Fair Trade Project (formerly the UUSC Coffee Project). As part of this project, Equal Exchange donates 20 cents to the UUSC Small Farmer Fund for every pound of fairly traded products UU congregations purchase from Equal Exchange or UUSC’s online store, The Good Buy’s Equal Exchange Collection.

Thanks to these purchases and the Small Farmer Fund, UUSC has developed partnerships with new cooperatives, such as the Fundación Entre Mujeres (FEM) in Estelí, Nicaragua. For over two decades, FEM, a feminist organization run by women farmers, has worked to advance the rights of Nicaraguan peasant women through activities like the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices. FEM has learned that carrying out these practices as a cooperative helps them to empower and enable their members to exercise their rights and advance social justice beyond their day-to-day work as farmers. For example through their agro-ecological projects they support the efforts of the women to address the challenges they face as a result of inequality in access to land and resources, the advance of large-scale mono-culture agriculture, and climate change.

Small farmers from UUSC partner FEM in Nicaragua.

This is similar to Equal Exchange’s focus on supporting the collective power of small farmers and workers in the United States and around the world. Initiatives like the Coffee Farmer Resilience Initiative supports coffee farmers’ efforts to work together and become more resilient in the face of shared challenges, such as coffee rust and other changing environmental conditions resulting from climate change.

Put Your Values Into Action

By supporting cooperatives and fair trade, you can put your faith and values to action. Equal Exchange recently launched the Equal Exchange Action Forum, where you can receive more information about fair trade and cooperatives and take direct action to support these initiatives.

At The Good Buy, you can purchase Equal Exchange’s roasted coffees, chocolates, and other snacks to support the Small Farmer Fund and our partnerships with cooperatives like FEM. You can also learn more about fair trade and support other businesses that work to advance economic justice values all year round at The Good Buy.

If you’re interested in taking a step further, and engaging with cooperatives and fair trade beyond your purchases, you can check out the UU College of Social Justice to learn more about and sign up for four different immersion journeys to Nicaragua, including visits to FEM and Equal Exchange-supported cooperatives. CSJ’s immersion experiences provide an opportunity to explore avenues for solidarity with the people of Nicaragua and to connect with broader social movements working to advance human rights. Learn more about all of CSJ’s trips and participants’ reflections on their blog.

UUCSJ participants sort coffee with members of FEM.

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