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Climate Justice Sunday

What is Justice Sunday?

Justice Sunday is a UUSC program through which individuals, families, groups, and congregations can learn about and engage in a key area of human rights. Each year, Justice Sunday focuses on a particular theme and offers resources and activities for congregations to explore that topic. You can make a difference! To get started, e-mail

Coming soon: Climate Justice Sunday 2015

This year, we're promoting the human right to water in the face of climate change. So we're calling it Climate Justice Sunday!

Water is essential to human life. You need water to cook, drink, bathe, and more. But access to water around the world is threatened by many factors, including climate change.

This year's Climate Justice Sunday will invite you to do a creative project in your community to promote water sustainability, while also supporting communities that are working to protect their human right ot water in the face of climate change.