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Add Your Name: Oppose President Trump’s national emergency to fund the border wall

Sign the petition to congressional leadership by February 22.


Fill out the form below to add your name to the following petition to congressional leadership. UUSC will deliver a physical copy to the members on behalf of signers. Not ready to sign? Learn more about the President’s declaration for a national emergency and how we got to this point here.


To: Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader McConnell, Minority Leader McCarthy, and Minority Leader Schumer:

The President has declared a “national emergency” in an attempt to use wartime executive power to circumvent Congress’s authority and build his border wall. This move is an undemocratic and illegal misuse of executive authority. It undermines the U.S. Constitution in order to use taxpayer dollars intended for defense or disaster relief to build an unnecessary wall along the southern border.

There is no evidence of a national security emergency that warrants such an action. Any crisis that exists along the U.S.-Mexico border is one of the Trump administration’s own making. Indeed, it is his hateful anti-immigrant agenda that perpetrates incredible harm and drives our families, communities, and nation further apart.

The United States deserves better than the hostage-taking tactics of this White House. Congressional leadership must govern responsibly and thoughtfully, and work to advance the interests and human rights of all, particularly vulnerable individuals seeking refuge from extreme violence and unsafe country conditions. We urge you to strongly oppose President Trump’s national emergency declaration and support proposals that restrict the President from taking such action now and in the future. We demand Congress work toward and fund bipartisan solutions that do not militarize our borders or harm any members of our shared communities.


Thank you for your interest in supporting human rights.
This call to action has expired, and we encourage you to check out our Advocacy & Mobilizing page for the latest updates about our work and how to take action to challenge oppressive policies and advance justice.

Image credit: LS d’Avalonia/Unsplash