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Tell President Biden: Uphold the Human Rights of the People of Burma

Join us in this crescendo for justice and help paint a brighter future for Burma.
Burma Action

The people of Burma are under a cloud of unending hardship, their lives marked by human rights violations. This grim reality, painted by the military junta, leaves no one untouched and ripples through every corner of their society.

But the power of unity can rewrite this narrative. This is where you step in.

Through our email campaign, we’re amplifying our voices to President Biden, urging him to protect the dignity and lives of the people of Burma. The United States, equipped with significant influence, can spearhead impactful change. We’re calling for effective actions: targeted sanctions that strike at the heart of the junta’s power – their financial lifeline.

Join us in this crescendo for justice. Your voice can bolster the chorus, calling on President Biden to take immediate action. With each message, we’re painting a brighter future for Burma, championing the rights and safety of its people.