UUSC Responds to Escalating Crisis in Haiti

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Take Action: Uphold the Human Rights of the People of Burma

Join us in this crescendo for justice and help paint a brighter future for Burma.

The people of Burma face unrelenting hardship under a regime that violates human rights daily. We are calling on President Biden to enforce targeted sanctions and restrict companies aiding the military junta, including those supplying jet fuel and shipping services. Our campaign urges the U.S. to wield its influence by implementing secondary sanctions and investigating financial transactions supporting these operations.

We also advocate for direct coordination of aid with local organizations, bypassing military channels to ensure that assistance reaches those in need. This action requires a global effort to isolate the junta financially and support the Burmese people effectively.

Join our campaign to urge immediate, impactful action. Your voice can help secure a brighter, more just future for Burma, pushing for a strategic blend of sanctions and direct aid that targets the regime’s lifelines while uplifting the oppressed.