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Let people facing climate-forced displacement know that we are with them.

Around the world, people are facing the loss of their homes and lands to rising seas and other effects of climate change. Those who are most vulnerable are often Indigenous Peoples. Many work on the frontlines to address climate change, but their voices and experiences are often left out of decision making – despite the agency and wisdom they hold.

In early October, many of these communities will meet in Alaska at the First Peoples’ Convening on Climate-Forced Displacement. Send a message of support and upload a photo to connect with frontline communities as they develop strategies and lead solutions to address the human rights issues they face due to climate change. Your message and image will be delivered to each representative from these communities during the Convening.

Read some example messages, then add your own using the form below:

I support you and see all you do to thrive as your land and homes are threatened.

Thank you for your leadership to build awareness for action on climate change. We support you!

Thank you for your courage and leadership.

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Thank you for your interest in supporting human rights.
This call to action has expired, unfortunately, but we encourage you to check out our Advocacy & Mobilizing page for the latest updates about our work and how to take action to advance human rights.


Organizations and Community Groups Represented

Alaska Institute for Justice
Ecological Solutions Foundation Trust Board
Hatohobei Organization for People and Environment
Live & Learn Kiribati
Lowlander Center
Marshall Islands Conservation Society
Pacific Climate Warriors
Te Toa Matoa
Tulele Peisa
Tuvalu Association of NGOs
YPSA (Climate Justice Resilience Fund partner)


Header photo from a climate-forced displacement discussion group in Bangladesh