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UUSC Members Support Those Living in the Wake of Hurricane Michael

UUSC and its members are mobilizing in support of Floridians who were impacted by Hurricane Michael, specifically those who are facing homelessness and housing insecurity.

(Photo Credit: UUSC)

Hurricane Michael, a category five storm that descended upon several locales in the southeastern part of the United States and off its coast in October 2018, took the lives of more than 70 people and caused more than $25 billion in damage.

The social cost of this storm was equally catastrophic across the region. Florida, in particular, was hard hit by the storm, with thousands of houses and properties either destroyed or severely damaged.

UUSC and its members are mobilizing in support of those Floridians who were impacted by the storm, specifically those who are facing homelessness and housing insecurity. Thousands of people still do not have permanent access to stable housing, particularly youth.

As part of a larger project to call attention to the severe needs of so many Floridians, UUSC and its members are supporting an exciting project in Panama City, Florida. UUSC is partnering with the Florida UU State Action Network to support Floridians in their efforts to rebuild. A group of more than a dozen youth are participating in an exciting PhotoVoice project. Through vivid photos, each youth will share a narrative of what life is like as a teenager living in a community ravaged by a historic storm that’s caused so much destruction.

Throughout the month of January, these youth will tour the state of Florida, exhibit their photos, and share their stories. They will do this is in support of SB502: Emergency Mitigation and Response, a bill that, if passed, would create a special taskforce to research and make recommendations for providing financial resources to the communities hardest hit by Hurricane Michael, including Panama City.

Do you live in Florida and want to show your support? Click here to see a week of action toolkit to advocate in support of SB502.

Also, if you live in Florida, take action here to let your state legislator know that you support SB502.