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Urge Congress to Pass Bold, Inclusive COVID-19 Relief

Call on your member of Congress to provide a just pandemic response that leaves no one behind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than 2 million deaths globally and upended our ways of life. Millions of people face unemployment, homelessness, poverty and hunger due to the virus. Systemic racism, environmental injustice, economic inequality, ableism, settler colonialism and patriarchy are threat multipliers, worsening the impact of the virus on women, people with disabilities, Indigenous communities and tribal elders, frontline workers, and Black, Brown, and immigrant communities.

Although Congress has provided some much-needed relief, ongoing recovery efforts must go further to truly build back better and embody the principles of justice and equity. Specifically, Congress must:

  • Provide universal, equitable access to survival needs—including vaccination;
  • Honor the contributions of immigrant communities in fighting the virus; and
  • Support global efforts to achieve universal vaccination and address hunger and poverty in the wake of the virus.


Photo Credit: iStock – Diy13