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Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee

A Texas-based nonprofit providing translation services and connections to legal representation for people exercising their right to migrate.
Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee

LOCATION: El Paso, Texas

The Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee (DMSC) helps immigrant detainees pay their bonds and reunite with their families. It also helps provide resources for immigrants when they are in court.

DMSC cannot provide legal services, but connects detainees or their families to service providers. In addition, they provide resources for the detainees and their families to fight for their rights. DMSC has a team of staff trained to help collect, organize, and present documentation to the courts in support of their applications for asylum. They provide their services at no cost. 

UUSC is proud to partner with DMSC to support its efforts to provide direct services for people exercising their right to migrate. This partnership is vital for men, women, children, and families who are looking to navigate the immigration court system and make a new life in the United States. 

Image Credit: Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee