Challenging Injustice, Advancing Human Rights

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee advances human rights through grassroots collaborations.

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Fundación Para la Justicia y El Estado Democrático de Derecho

The Foundation for Justice and the Democratic Rule of Law was founded in 2011 to uphold rule of law in Mexico by ensuring access to justice and due process for particularly vulnerable people.

The Foundation for Justice and the Democratic Rule of Law (FJDRL) pursues its mission by:

  • Accompanying individuals, families and communities who have been impacted by human rights violations;
  • Advocating for and assisting with the implementation of government mechanisms to guarantee access to justice and human rights; and
  • Facilitating workshops and training sessions to build the capacity of civil society organizations working with victims of rights violations, and to strengthen their communities’ resiliency.

FJDRL’s successes include:

  • Establishing a regional network of civil society organizations to track the forced disappearance of migrants;
  • Providing material support and psychosocial aid to families of disappeared migrants in Mexico and Central America;
  • Accompanying the implementation of the Forensic Commission through the Mexican Attorney General’s office; and
  • Participating in hearings and submitting recommendations to international and regional human rights mechanisms.

Part of FJDRL’s mission is to promote effective access to justice for vulnerable groups and the accountability of the authorities. UUSC is supporting the organization’s project to strengthen advocacy to bolster the Mexican Foreign Support Mechanism; strengthen the work of committees of relatives of migrants to facilitate access to Mexican justice; consolidate the work of the Forensic Commission; and continue with strategic litigation actions.

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