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Call on Congress: Do not fuel a humanitarian crisis in Honduras

U.S. foreign aid and immigration policies related to Honduras and Central America must advance human rights.

October 23, 2018

Honduran security forces, many of which receive U.S. aid, are directly implicated in human rights violations, including excessive force against protesters and attacks on human rights defenders. These violations, and lack of state protection from other forms of violence, forces people to flee the country. However, the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant agenda is closing doors to safety and exacerbating instability throughout the region.

Tell Congress to support human rights in Honduras and work to ensure U.S. foreign aid and immigration policy reflect the best of U.S. values. Start by entering your information below so that we can match you with the correct district and legislator. When you hit “submit” you’ll be taken to a draft letter, which you can personalize before sending.