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Act Now: Justice for the Rohingya

Ask UN Ambassador Nikki Haley to Support Justice for the Rohingya

UN investigations and human rights groups, including UUSC partner Fortify Rights, have found evidence of genocide and crimes against humanity from Burmese authorities against the Rohingya people, including extermination, murder, torture, disappearances, and rape.

The U.S. will serve as president of the UN Security Council in September. Please contact the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, right now. Ask that she push the UN Security Council to immediately refer Burma to the International Criminal Court to address Burma’s failure to investigate mass atrocities against the Rohingya. Please also ask that the United States support the creation of an evidence-gathering mechanism by the UN General Assembly.

Fill out the form to add your name to our letter to Ambassador Nikki Haley, which you can find below the form. UUSC will deliver physical letters on behalf of signers.


Letter to Ambassador Nikki Haley

Dear Ambassador Haley,

I am deeply concerned about the campaign of ethnic cleansing that the Burmese military is inflicting upon the Rohingya, an ethnic and religious minority population in Burma (Myanmar). The United States cannot be silent as the situation continues. UNHCR estimated in mid August 2018 that more than 723,000 people had fled as refugees into Bangladesh within the last year, and UNOCHA estimates 241,000 people remain internally displaced in Burma. This is in addition to ongoing suspected war crimes or crimes against humanity committed in the Kachin and Shan states. I urge you to use the United States’ unique position in the United Nations to (1) push the Security Council to refer the situation in Burma to the International Criminal Court and (2) support efforts in the General Assembly to establish an evidence-gathering mechanism, complementary to the existing fact-finding mechanism.

Several human rights investigations, including those by the UN, UUSC partner Fortify Rights, and Amnesty International, have found damning evidence of crimes against humanity, including extermination, torture, sexual violence, arson, and enforced disappearances. Both Amnesty International and Fortify Rights named a list of suspected perpetrators for investigation. Fortify Rights, the U.S. Holocaust Museum, the Special Rapporteur for the situation of human rights in Myanmar, and the High Commissioner for Human Rights have all found indications of genocide.

Credible evidence of crimes against humanity have been repeatedly dismissed out of hand by the Burmese authorities. The latest Commission of Inquiry set up by the Burmese government is yet another smokescreen to delay concrete action by the international community. It is clear that domestic remedies are exhausted. It is also evident that the Burmese military fears an ICC referral, and this may be one of the few pathways to restraining future atrocities.

Burmese and international civil society organizations are calling for accountability for these crimes. They are demanding that the Security Council refer Burma to the ICC, as it did in the case of Darfur, and requesting that the UN General Assembly create a mechanism to gather and preserve evidence for future justice initiatives. Witnesses in the camps are dying, and it is crucial to preserve their testimony in admissible form for future justice initiatives.


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