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Loss and Damage Youth Coalition

The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition (LDYC) is a coalition of over 300 young people representing more than 40 organizations from the Global South and Global North working to address the destruction caused by the climate crisis.
Loss and Damage Youth Coalition

LOCATION: London, England

The Loss and Damage Youth Coalition (LDYC) formed after the 25th Conference of Parties (COP) in response to a lack of youth leadership and engagement in issues around climate justice, particularly around loss and damage financing. Since then, they’ve worked to highlight inequality in climate disaster-related loss and damage. 

The vision of the LDYC is a world where loss and damage is addressed in an equitable way; one where developed countries take responsibility for their much greater contribution to the climate crisis by treating loss and damage with a sense of urgency. The coalition envisions a world where the rights of future generations to a stable climate and a safe environment are honored.

The LDYC plans to achieve this vision through the implementation of its mission to build a global youth partnership to drive action on addressing loss and damage. The objectives of the LDYC include:

  • Advocating the establishment of new and adequate sources of finance to address loss and damage;
  • Enhancing the capacity of global youth to understand and take action on addressing loss and damage; and
  • Promoting sustainable youth participation in decision-making around loss and damage at both the national and international levels.

UUSC celebrates the coalition’s commitment to advocating on behalf of communities living at the forefront of the climate crisis. UUSC supports the coalition’s goals to protect communities from climate disasters and help them rebuild. 

Image Credit: Loss and Damage Youth Coalition