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Progressive Voice

Progressive Voice seeks to amplify local voices and conduct participatory research, analysis, and advocacy regarding marginalized ethnic and religious populations in Burma.

Progressive Voice focuses on three thematic areas:

  • Governance reforms, including key legislative changes and constitutional reforms to ensure a fully democratic and federal Burma;
  • Rule of law, including access to justice, national human rights institutions, strengthening civil society, and protecting minorities; and
  • Sustainable development, including labor rights, foreign investment, corruption, transparency and accountability.

Progressive Voice was born out of Burma Partnership, a network of organizations throughout the Asia-Pacific region that was established in 2006 to mobilize a movement for democracy and human rights in Burma. It works with an extensive network of affected communities, linking human rights movements on the ground with policy-makers at the highest level.

Together with its local, regional, and international partners, Progressive Voice is supporting communities to raise their voices and effectively advocate at an international level to end decades long human rights abuses by the Burmese Army. This is important not only for accountability, but for fostering inter-ethnic solidarity, which is key to any long-term solution.

With UUSC support, Progressive Voice is conducting work on protracted displacement on the Thai-Burmese border, strengthening the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission, pushing for sustainable development rather than exploitative investment, and creating space for communities to advocate at an international level while amplifying their voices.

UUSC is proud to support an organization that produces such essential participatory research and shares our ethos in empowering those who are directly affected by human rights abuses.

Click here to read Progressive Voice’s most recent report highlighting how the Burmese government and military have weaponized its COVID-19 response to repress minorities, human rights defenders, and the media.