Update 12/8/22: The Biden administration has now appealed Judge Sullivan's ruling, backtracking yet again on their promises to protect asylum rights. While the outcome of the litigation is not yet clear, the administration's decision increases the odds that Title 42 will remain in effect past its currently-scheduled end date.

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Get Active: Congress Can Save Asylum

A group of people standing at a border fence

Congress is considering legislation that would end asylum as we know it. They need to hear from us that this is unacceptable!

UUSC and our partners UUs for Social Justice (UUSJ) have been advocating for over 2 years for an end to the Title 42 order blocking asylum at U.S. borders, mobilizing nearly 700 UU faith leaders, advocates, congregations and organizations to urge the Biden administration to restore asylum access.

In early April, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finally announced the termination of the Title 42 order, effective May 23, 2022. Yet far-right state governments intervened in court to circumvent the judgment of our public health officials. Their legal challenge put the CDC’s decision on hold, and now members of Congress are contemplating legislation to make Title 42 all-but-permanent—despite the harm the policy has already inflicted on thousands of asylum-seekers.

Even worse, these politicians have tried to force Congress to back this bill by tying it to urgently-needed pandemic relief. This is political hostage-taking at its worst: threatening to block life-saving funds for testing, therapeutics, and vaccine doses unless other politicians agree to effectively shut down the asylum system—indefinitely.

Public health should never be put in competition with asylum rights. Both are inextricably linked to each other, because both are essential to protecting people’s rights and safety during a global crisis. Congress should not force the administration to betray either goal.

Right now it’s vital that we let Senate and House members know that we reject anti-asylum amendments and legislation that would codify Title 42 into law.

Provide your information here to get a call connecting you to your Members of Congress. Make sure you complete all 3 calls to reach both your Senators and your Representative.

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