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Support Floridians Impacted by Climate Disaster (Florida-Only Action)

Florida residents, call on state legislators in Florida to back Hurricane Michael recovery assistance.

(Photo Credit: Janice Booher)

This action is for Florida residents only – thank you for your support!

Florida residents are working to recover from the worst climate disaster to hit the panhandle in recorded history. In October 2018, Hurricane Michael tore through Panama City, Florida, taking 32 lives and destroying or damaging up to 60% of the area’s homes. Over a year later, many displaced people cannot afford to move back into their former neighborhoods, as average rents have shot up 14%. Rates of youth homelessness are skyrocketing too, with over one in ten students in Bay County schools now without a permanent place to live.

Our state legislators can help Floridians rebuild with dignity and equity by passing Senate Bill 502: Emergency Mitigation and Response. This bill would set up a new recovery task force to direct assistance where it will reach the most impacted communities. It would also create a new program to fund lower-cost housing for people near or below the median income, ensuring displaced families have a safe and affordable place to call home.

If you are a Florida resident, start by entering your information below so that we can match you with the correct state senator and representatives. Then you’ll be taken to draft letters for each of your legislators, which you can personalize before sending. Thank you for taking action!