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Syrian Refugee Response

The refugee crisis in the Middle East continues to swell as the civil war in Syria enters its seventh year. Ongoing atrocities continue to displace millions of innocent people, who are fleeing the country and joining global refugee flows.

Beginning in 2015, UUSC responded to this crisis with a strategy to partner with organizations working on the front lines to support Syrian refugees across their entire journey, from first arrival in neighboring countries to successful resettlement in Europe or the United States. 

Our current strategy focuses on “transit countries” in the Balkans and Eastern Europe that have become increasingly “countries of permanent stay.” UUSC is supporting partner organizations in Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, and Macedonia to ensure:

  • Access to protection: Combating illegal border pushbacks and protecting right to asylum – primarily through monitoring, advocacy and legal aid.
  • Refugee integration: Community organizing and family reunification.

We believe in building a movement for welcoming refugees across borders. We organized a partner-led convening in Europe last fall of our partners to facilitate collaboration, and continue our advocacy to increase refugee admissions and resettlement in the United States.

Learn more about how we do this work:

Here are some of our partners:

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