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Take Action: Tweet at Congress to Impeach and Remove Trump

President Trump violated his oath of office and betrayed the country—he must be held accountable.

Photo Credit: iStock – Boogich

On January 6, 2021, President Donald Trump incited a mob to storm the Capitol, egging on his crowd of supporters even as they tried to overturn the results of a fair election, chanted about killing public officials, and sported Neo-Nazi symbols on their clothes. As abhorrent as these actions are, they are in keeping with Trump’s past behavior. Time and again, we have seen this president encourage violence and enable the activities of white supremacist groups.

The time for Congress to act is past due. Trump must be held accountable for his attack on our democracy. The House of Representatives has now impeached him for a second time. The Senate should follow this action by convicting and removing him from office, ensuring that he can never again hold public office.

Join us in Tweeting at your senators to hold him accountable. Once you fill in your information below, you’ll be taken to Tweets that you can send directly. (Requires Twitter account.)