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Tell Congress: Stop Funding Abuse at Our Borders

Our legislators must stop spending taxpayer funds on policies that violate human rights

U.S. immigration policies are creating a humanitarian crisis at our borders. An experimental program known as “Remain in Mexico” is leaving thousands of families and children stranded in dangerous conditions without permanent shelter. U.S. border agents are forcing asylum-seekers to wait in long lines where they face threats of extortion and violence. And the number of people confined in immigration jails is soaring to record highs, even as people are dying in U.S. custody and hunger-striking to resist unjust conditions.

Enough is enough. Asylum is a right under U.S. and international law. No one should ever be punished for bravely seeking to survive and protect their families. Money from U.S. taxpayers should never be used to implement policies that violate our nation’s laws and global commitments. Contact your members of Congress today to let them know it is time to cut funding in FY 2020 for these abusive policies.

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