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Tell Congress to Stop Trump’s Racist Immigration Bans

Urge your legislators to ensure that no president has the power to discriminate.

Trump has proclaimed yet another policy to force families apart. This time, the administration is trying to ban hundreds of thousands of working-class immigrants who can’t afford health insurance. If allowed to go into effect, this presidential proclamation could deny entry to almost two-thirds of people applying for green cards from other countries—all without consulting the public or Congress. This ban would prevent thousands of U.S. citizens and permanent residents from reuniting with their family members abroad.

In announcing this ban, Trump relied on the same section of the law he invoked to defend his notorious “Muslim Ban” and the first version of his asylum ban. Currently, the language of this law cedes a dangerous amount of power to the president, allowing Trump to go on excluding innocent people on racist and discriminatory grounds.

Congress has the authority to halt this executive abuse. Two bills in the House and Senate (H.R.2214 and S.1123) would close this loophole in the law Trump is using to ban immigrants and keep families apart. Start by entering your information below so that we can match you with the correct district. When you hit “submit” you’ll be taken to draft letters, for each of your Representatives and Senators, which you can personalize before sending.