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Tell Congress: Water is Life — Especially in a Pandemic

Tell Congress to guarantee access to water and other basic services for all

(Photo Credit: iStock – Diy13)

Our economy is sliding into recession as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and millions of people risk losing access to water, heating, electricity and other essential services due to inability to pay the bills. For Indigenous communities already facing the impacts of the climate crisis, these dangers are particularly acute. Water and other utilities are necessities under any circumstances—and are all the more important in a public health emergency.

For years, Indigenous leaders have been reminding the world that Water is Life. This truth is even more evident in a time of pandemic. Universal access to clean running water and basic hygiene is a life-and-death matter in this crisis, especially for elders and people with preexisting health conditions. As Congress debates measures to respond to COVID-19, they must ensure that no one is denied these services due to inability to pay.

Send a message to your members of Congress today, calling on them to fund a moratorium on utility shut-offs and provide universal access to water and other essential services during the COVID-19 crisis.