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Tell Congress: We Need a Just Response to Climate Migration

Global climate migration is already happening; politicians must address it with humanity.

Climate migration is not a hypothetical possibility for the future to deal with. It’s already happening all around us. Wildfires, tropical storms, flooding, and drought are all getting more severe, causing food shortages in some areas and forcing people to move to safer climes.

The reality is that forced displacement is only going to increase in the decades ahead. This poses a challenge, but not an unmanageable one. Governments have two options ahead of them: Either they can welcome the benefits of migration and provide places of refuge to people displaced by forces beyond their control, or they can shut down and militarize borders even further and expel people to unlivable conditions.

As people of conscience, we demand our government respond to global challenges in ways that uplift human dignity and honor human rights. That’s why UUSC has long invested in community-driven grassroots responses to climate-forced displacement. It’s also why our President, Rev. Mary Katherine Morn, recently joined a task force of distinguished stakeholders in issuing comprehensive guidance to elected officials on how to uplift human rights in our response to climate change.

Join us in calling on your members of Congress to endorse the task force’s recommendations, including our five-point plan for a human rights-based response to global climate migration. Take action below!