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Tell Senators: TPS and DACA Holders Need Path to Citizenship Now

“Temporary” is not enough for immigrants whose families and futures are on the line.

More than a million DACA and TPS* holders have lived lawfully in the United States for years and have nearly 500,000 U.S. citizen children. They built lives and families in this country because they counted on the U.S. government to keep its word. Now, the Trump administration is trying to eliminate these protections—in line with the president’s blatantly-expressed racism against Black, Asian, and Latinx immigrants.

While TPS and DACA holders courageously resist Trump’s actions in court, they face mounting setbacks. A recent appeals court decision could mean some TPS holders will start losing their status as soon as March 2021. As a result, thousands of people would be separated from their families and deported to countries they have not seen in decades.

The clock is ticking for Congress to finally reach a legislative solution to prevent this crisis. The House of Representatives already passed H.R. 6 with support from members of both parties, showing bipartisan recognition of DACA and TPS holders as permanent and essential members of our society. Now, it’s the Senate’s turn. Call on your senators today to demand a path to citizenship for DACA and TPS immigrants.

*Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a program that shields immigrants from deportation to countries experiencing humanitarian crisis. Since 2017, Trump has moved to end this form of protection for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, Nepal, and more despite ongoing natural disasters and violence in these countries.