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Tell Your Senators: Immigrants Deserve Permanent Status

Congress calls immigrant workers “essential,” yet denies them citizenship. This must change.

Photo Credit: Ash Ponders for UUSC

Around the country, immigrants work disproportionately in jobs that keep everyone safe during the pandemic. Whether in healthcare, agriculture, or food service, they are on the front lines of the crisis, helping other members of society survive and meet basic needs.

Time and again, politicians rightly call the contributions of immigrant workers “essential.” Yet they still deny them a path to permanent status and citizenship in the country that is their home.

This is wrong. Societies have no right to benefit from the labor of others while dangling over their heads the threat of deportation and family separation.

Congress has the power to change this. Numerous bills have been introduced that would clear a path to citizenship for immigrants with temporary status, undocumented essential workers, and others. The test is whether our elected officials have the political will to get these over the finish line.

They need to hear from their constituents. U.S. people across the country of all statuses and backgrounds recognize the contributions of frontline workers, and we expect our elected officials to do the same. Contact your Senators by filling out your information below.