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Tell President Biden: End the Transit Ban, Start a Fair Path to Citizenship

Join the call to action and urge the Biden administration to end the proposed transit ban and start a fair path to citizenship for all migrants.

While President Biden boldly asked Congress to help him “finish the job”with fixing our broken immigration system during his 2023 State of the Union address, he was also making plans to revive a transit ban developed during former President Trump’s tenure. 

The ban, when implemented, will replace the Title 42 policy with an automatic mandate that any person exercising their right to migrate must first apply for asylum in the country they pass through in order to reach the U.S. border. This transit ban will predominantly affect those coming into the United States through the Mexico border from Central and South America. 

This will severely limit the amount of people who can apply for asylum in the United States and the Biden administration is attempting to implement the ban by mid-May. People of conscience cannot allow this injustice to move forward. 

People migrating through Mexico are at extremely high risk of kidnappings, extortion, murder, rape, human trafficking, and torture at the hands of organized crime and corrupt law enforcement. Indigenous peoples, women, girls, and members of the LGBTQ+ community are especially at risk when in migration. Many people who are migrating are doing so because they are fleeing persecution, violence, and oppression. Their trauma should not be compounded by forcing them to apply for asylum where it is often fundamentally unsafe for them. 

Tell the Biden administration that this transit ban is regressive and inequitable and encourage the administration to take positive steps to fix our broken immigration system. Please customize your email! The more unique messages the administration receives, the better chance we have of demonstrating a resounding need to dismantle this policy.