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Congressional Recess Action Days: August 2019

Join UUSC in calling upon your Members of Congress to support and defend human rights when they're home for August Recess.

Pictured: UUSC CEO & President Rev. Mary Katherine Morn and Policy Analyst Josh Leach visit MA Congressman Jim McGovern.

We are facing a daily onslaught of attacks on human rights, from deportation raids and child detention to removals of long-standing legal protections and a new ban on asylum. Around the world, people are being displaced from their homes by repression and violence with no sign of accountability or redress. Now is a critical time to call on our legislators to take action in defense of our fundamental values. 

Throughout August, Congress will be in recess, and members of the House and Senate will be back in their home districts to meet with their constituents. Some important and positive human rights legislation has recently passed the House, but has stalled in the Senate, so UUSC is focusing our energies there. From August 19-30, we are calling on people to schedule in-district visits with their Senators to share one of these demands:

  • Defund abusive government agencies that are separating families and terrorizing communities, including ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and CBP (Customs and Border Protection)  [PDF]
  • Condemn repression in Honduras by the U.S.-backed regime, one of the critical elements driving displacement and migration [PDF
  • Defend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and create a path to citizenship for migrants whose long-term legal status has been put at risk  [PDF
  • Ensure accountability in Burma for genocide and crimes against humanity by passing targeted sanctions of the individuals responsible. [PDF

We encourage groups visiting their Senators to focus on only one of these topics per visit so that you can be as impactful as possible. More details about our human rights demands can be found at the links above. These PDFs can also be printed as packets to leave behind at your Senator’s office. 

Check out our UUSC Guide for Congressional In-District Visits August 19-30, 2019 [PDF] for more information about how to schedule and plan a visit with your legislators, tips and guidance for making the most of your meeting, and more.