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UUSC Denounces Trump’s Unilateral, Reckless, and Hypocritical Actions in Syria

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Attacks Endanger Innocent Syrians Trump Claims to Be Protecting

Organization Calls for Congressional Action to Stop Further Military Strikes

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) today denounced the Trump administration’s reckless, unilateral, and illegal military actions in Syria. The group called on Congress to meet its constitutional responsibility and act to stop further escalation of Trump’s unauthorized attacks. It also called for the immediate rescission of Trump’s recent executive orders that ban travelers from six majority-Muslim countries, including Syria, and that limit resettlement of refugees.

“President Trump’s illegal military strike is endangering the innocent people he claims to be protecting,” said Tom Andrews, UUSC President and CEO. “It is bitterly ironic that those who are running from Assad’s brutality are the same people Trump has continually criminalized and labeled as terrorists—and who are currently denied access to safe refuge in the United States.”

“If the President were truly concerned about the deaths of small children and wanted to alleviate the pain and suffering of the Syrian people on whose behalf he claims to have taken military action, he would support an increase in humanitarian assistance rather than his planned cuts and rescind his executive orders blocking Syrian refugees from the United States indefinitely.”

Last night, President Trump, without congressional approval, launched military airstrikes in retaliation for chemical attacks on Syrian civilians in Idlib province. At the same time, Trump continues to prevent Syrian refugees from seeking safety in the United States. The hypocrisy of these actions has not gone unnoticed.

President Bashar al-Assad’s chemical attacks earlier this week killed at least 80 innocent civilians, including many children. This adds to the hundreds of thousands who have already been killed, and the 11 million forcibly displaced from their homes as a result of the civil war.

UUSC proudly partners with several organizations who are providing critical legal aid to and advocacy on behalf of Syrian refugees. Among the many silent heroes supporting this community is UUSC partner, Syria Bright Future (SBF). Founded by a group of Syrian mental health professionals in exile, SBF provides mental health and psycho-social support to Syrian refugees inside Syria and in neighboring countries of refuge.

As the United States and European countries continue to shut their doors to Syrian refugees fleeing brutal attacks like the one the world witnessed this week, we fear that Trump’s actions might escalate the conflict, worsening the crisis, and making the critical work of our partners even more necessary. UUSC condemns any actions that result in human suffering and will continue to work, at all levels, to urge diplomatic responses that honor human rights.