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UUSC to Launch Resistance Resource Network

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Unitarian Universalist Service Committee to Launch Resistance Resource Network  

Urges Citizen Action to Stop Trump Immigration Orders

 To Push for More Sanctuary Jurisdictions While Supporting “Sanctuary Infrastructure” 

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) will create a “Resistance Resource Network” to provide information and support to organizations of immigrants; congregations and others offering sanctuary and support services; and citizens seeking to actively oppose President Trump’s recently announced executive orders.

UUSC is calling on its members and supporters throughout the United States to “speak out and act up” in defense of moral principles being undermined by the Trump administration.

UUSC reaffirms its commitment to stand with and for the millions of vulnerable people who will be affected by President Trump’s executive orders banning refugees from entering the United States, launching a dragnet to detain undocumented immigrants, suspending visas of those from majority Muslim countries, punishing sanctuary cities, and building a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border.

“President Trump has launched the opening salvo of his war against some of our most vulnerable communities and the banning of innocent people whose lives are at extreme risk from entering the United States,” said former U.S. Congressman Tom Andrews, President and CEO of UUSC.

“We do not accept, and we will actively resist, this attempt to allow fear, xenophobia, and bigotry to destroy innocent lives and undermine the best of who we are as Americans.

Trump’s orders begin to implement his campaign pledges of mass deportation and unconstitutional discrimination against Muslims and others into reality. They signal his readiness to cater to white nationalism and racism at the expense of the founding principles of the country,” said Andrews.

Trump’s actions constitute a brazen assault on the values of human rights, equality before the law, and the moral integrity of the United States. They directly threaten the lives, safety, and future of innocent families who are literally running for their lives. They could result in the return of thousands to their deaths.

Walling ourselves off from Mexico and isolating the United States from those whose cooperation is vital to our security is worse than political pandering – it undermines our values and our safety. UUSC stands in solidarity with our refugee and immigrant neighbors at this critical moment in history.

Our organization was founded during one of the darkest chapters of the twentieth century, when millions of people were facing persecution in Europe on the basis of their religion and the United States refused to offer protection due to isolationism, nativism, and bigotry. Since those years, a moral consensus emerged that never again would people be abandoned to persecution and death. President Trump is committed to unraveling that consensus.

We are committed to mobilizing opposition to these outrageous acts and hold accountable those who aid and abet them.

Today’s repugnant, Trump-led war on innocent people and core American values will not stand!