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Justice Sunday

Justice Sunday is a single day of learning, support, and action for congregations focused on a single area of UUSC's work.

What is Justice Sunday?

One day focused around a program and an action, Justice Sunday complements and continues our Guest at Your Table congregational program, which offers a broader look at UUSC’s mission and programs.

While our suggested date for congregations to participate in Justice Sunday this year is March 24, 2019, we encourage congregations to participate during any Sunday in the spring. Stay tuned for for our 2019 Justice Sunday theme and worship resources.

If your congregation did not participate in Justice Sunday last year and would like to explore the topic of climate-forced migration, feel free to use our Justice Sunday 2018 Sample Worship Service and overview video!

Get More Information About Justice Sunday

For questions or comments about how UUSC can support your congregation in taking part in Justice Sunday, please contact Carly Cronon, Associate for Congregational Giving Programs, at ccronon @