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Yesterday, we learned that the Supreme Court would allow Trump’s “travel ban” to take effect while litigation challenging the executive order proceeds. The order bans travel to the United States from eight countries—six which are predominately Muslim. This is bitter news, and we are deeply disappointed by the Court’s decision.

Make no mistake: the Trump administration’s travel ban remains as legally and morally indefensible now as before. The current restrictions, announced in October, simply extend and expand the original “Muslim ban,” which has already been ruled unconstitutional by several appellate courts. As the President continues to espouse white supremacist rhetoric, he consistently makes his discriminatory and illegal motivations clear. However, we at UUSC are not deterred by his actions and will continue to build relationships that support and strengthen the work of our grassroots partners and other allies who are at risk under this Administration.

In the coming days, the Ninth and Fourth Circuits will hear challenges brought by the American Civil Liberties Union and allied organizations. Courts across the country have routinely struck the bans down as unconstitutionally targeting Muslims, and we look forward to a ruling on the merits of this case that will undoubtedly show that no one, not even the President, has the power to discriminate. UUSC has signed on to amicus briefs in these cases, reaffirming our commitment to welcoming immigrants and refugees and supporting them as they build their lives in the United States.