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Solidarity With All Those Who Live in Fear

Response from Rev Mary Katherine Morn, president and CEO of UUSC, on recent events

By Rev. Mary Katherine Morn on October 28, 2018

Our hearts are heavy with grief for the desecration of sanctuaries by hate and violence. We hold in our hearts those whose lives were taken yesterday at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. And those who survived.

We also hold in our hearts Maurice Stallard and Vickie Lee Jones, apparently killed for being black at a grocery store after their assailant attempted to enter a black church with his weapons and his hate.

And we hold Matthew Sheppard, laid to rest this week at the National Cathedral because his parents live in fear (after twenty years) that his grave will be desecrated.

May we commit to solidarity with all those who live in fear because of who they are, what they worship, whom they love. May we resist the urge to hate in response to hate. And may we resist resignation, which is as dangerous as hate.

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