Josh Leach supports UUSC’s programs and campaign work through strategic research, analysis, writing, and organizing. As the associate for programs, research, and advocacy, he works closely with program leaders, the researcher, and the Justice Building team to identify partners, develop program strategy, and engage in research and advocacy initiatives that advance UUSC’s mission and vision, with a particular focus on the human rights of refugees and migrants.

Before joining the staff full time, Leach worked for 18 months as a research consultant and program intern at UUSC, where his work centered in particular on Central America and the Syrian refugee crisis. He has also served as a consultant on advocacy and education projects for the Unitarian Universalist Association and the UU College of Social Justice, where he worked as a field education student while in graduate school. He is currently in the process of completing a ministerial internship at the First Parish in Bedford.

Leach received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago, where he studied modern European history. He also holds a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard University.

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