Challenging Injustice, Advancing Human Rights

Leigh Meunier

Associate, Program and Partner Support

Leigh Meunier supports UUSC’s partners and consultants as well as staff in UUSC’s Programs, Advocacy, and Action Department throughout the grant-making and project implementation processes. As the associate for program and partner support, she also serves as an administrator for UUSC’s grants management system and provides related, ongoing technical expertise and support to all of the system’s users.

Before joining UUSC, Meunier taught high school science and mathematics in Boston and directed a summer sustainability program with the City of Cambridge. She has several years of experience working with local organizations on climate action and environmental protection.

Meunier holds a bachelor’s degree in English from West Virginia University and a graduate certificate in environmental studies from Tufts University. She has also conducted graduate field studies in Kenya on wildlife ecology and conservation. Meunier is passionate about protecting animals, natural resources, and the rights of indigenous peoples and marginalized communities.

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