Challenging Injustice, Advancing Human Rights

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee advances human rights through grassroots collaborations.

Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt

Resident Scholar and Special Advisor on Justice and Equity

The Rev. Dr. Sofía Betancourt serves as Resident Scholar and Special Advisor on Justice and Equity at UUSC, working to center the institution’s internal policies and practices on the core values that ground UUSC’s mission.

She served as interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Womanist Theology and Ethics at Drew University Theological School in 2021-22, five years on the core faculty of Starr King School for the Ministry, four years as the Director of Racial and Ethnic Concerns of the Unitarian Universalist Association, and briefly as its Interim Co-President. Her ministry centers on work that is empowering and counter-oppressive. Her academic work focuses on the environmental ethics of liberation through a womanist and Latina feminist frame.

Sofía holds a Ph.D. in religious ethics and African American Studies from Yale University, an undergraduate degree from Cornell University with a concentration in ethnobotany, and graduate degrees from Yale University in Religious Ethics and African American Studies, and a Master of Divinity from Starr King School for the Ministry. Her book Ecowomanism at the Panamá Canal: Black Women, Labor, and Environmental Ethics is available from Lexington Books (published February, 2022).

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