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Take Action for the Guapinol, Honduras Water Defenders

Join us in solidarity for justice, human rights and the environment in Honduras.

By UUSC Staff on October 17, 2019

Update (11/01/19): The seven water defenders have been granted a bail hearing! Tuesday, November 5 will be their bail hearing and we’re standing in solidarity with them and hope that they will receive a fair hearing, one that allows them to defend themselves against the charges from the freedom of their communities. Your continued efforts to send messages will help keep pressure on their case and help them find justice!

The seven defendants have been transferred from La Tolva (a dangerous, maximum security prison) to Olanchito (a minimum security prison closer to their homes). If the bond hearing is successful, they will be released and can defend and advocate for themselves from their communities and not within the confines of the criminal justice system.

Email: Email the U.S. Embassy in Honduras, Chargé d’Affaires Colleen Hoey:


Or, if you prefer to email the Chargé d’Affaires and your member of Congress and the State Department directly, please see below.

Email: HoeyCA@state.gov
CC: allenkd@state.gov
CC: <<Your Congressional Rep>>


Dear Ms. Hoey:

I am writing you to voice my deep concern for the personal safety of seven members of the Comité Municipal de Defensa de los Bienes Comunes y Publicos de Tocoa (CMDBCP), a group of Honduran environmental activists. Two months ago, Judge Lisseth Vallecillo indicted the men on charges that do not require pretrial detention but sent them to jail anyway, without giving any reasons. They are now in detention in Olanchito, despite having been convicted of no crime.

Now, with lethal violence having erupted last weekend in La Tolva, lawyers for the CMDBCP members have filed for an immediate bond hearing to argue for their freedom for the duration of their legal process. I urge you to convey our concerns to the Honduran government both for the safety of these human rights activists and to ensure a hearing takes place to guarantee their immediate release from pre-trial detention.


Your Name
Faith Community or Organization (if applicable)
City, State

Twitter: @usembassyhn Chargé d’Affaires Colleen Hoey

Facebook: @usembassyhn


UUSC is actively lending solidarity to the unjustly criminalized water defenders of Guapinol, Honduras. Learn more about our solidarity efforts in this blog.

Here’s how you can help these efforts, no matter where you are – find options below for social media, or to e-mail the Honduran embassy directly!

Please tell the U.S. Embassy in Honduras about your concerns and ask them to speak out to ensure justice in the case of the Guapinol water defenders.

Are you on Twitter?

Tweet at least one of these messages to the U.S. Embassy in Honduras:

@usembassyhn Chargé d’Affaires Colleen Hoey – 7 Guapinol River Defenders are illegally detained in a maximum security prison in #Honduras. Please speak out about this case to the Honduran courts and guarantee a fair process based on the facts. #FreedomForGuapinol

@usembassyhn Chargé d’Affaires Colleen Hoey – Today, we honor the memory of #Honduran environmental activist Carlos Escaleras, killed in 1997. His legacy is in Guapinol. Please stand up for human rights and call on the Honduran courts to release the 7 Guapinol River Defenders and guarantee a fair process. #SolidarityGuapinol

@usembassyhn Chargé d’Affaires Colleen Hoey – Please call on the Honduran Courts to end the flagrant violations of due process & immediately overturn the decision to send 7 Guapinol Water Defenders to pre-trial detention. Protecting water isn’t a crime! #FreedomForGuapinol

Here are two images you can download to share on Twitter:

Are you on Facebook?

On Facebook, share these images or make them your profile picture during October 18-20, and make sure to tag @usembassyhn!

Not on social media?

Send your message over e-mail to usahonduras@state.gov.


Photo Credit: Radio Progreso


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