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Thank You, Pete Seeger

January 28, 2014

UUSC President Bill Schulz shares the following thoughts on the death of Pete Seeger.

As far as I know, Pete Seeger was not a Unitarian Universalist* — at least not formally — but he was about as close to being one as you can get without actually signing on the bottom line in terms of his values and where he put his body. 

Pete sang in UU congregations and events and “preached the gospel” of justice, peace, and radical hospitality for the bulk of his 94 years. He’s gone now, but his song and his spirit lives on, not least of all in us. Blessings, Pete. And thank you.

* Correction: Actually, it turns out he was! Pete joined the Community Church, a UU congregation in New York City, in 1992.

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