On International Women’s Day, we are reflecting on what each of us at UUSC can do in our daily lives to “Press for Progress,” dedicating our energy to global activism on women’s rights.

As we reflect on our role in advocating for women’s equality, we need look no further than our amazing partners for inspiration. Here are just a few among many our amazing partner organizations who are leading the way:

  • Tewa is supporting initiatives that bring Nepali women together to advocate for policy and system changes, as well as transformations in norms and practices that contribute to social injustice.
  • Stateside, Food Chain Workers Alliance, and Rural Community Workers Alliance are organizing labor forces to demand respect for gender and racial justice, and worker rights, including helping coordinate a strike of hundreds of thousands on International Workers Day.
  • Small farmer co-operatives, like Fundación Entre Mujeres, in Central America are building sustainable livelihoods and passing along their wisdom to other cooperatives in an effort to advance human rights, particularly the rights of women, youth and indigenous people.

Join the conversation!

A common strategy in each partner’s efforts is the uniting of people to amplify their voices in support of women and their contributions. In recognition of the power of collective action, we invite you to come together with us and share your commitment to “Press for Progress.” You can print your own sign here, and share and image of yourself with it on social media, encouraging your friends and family to do the same and help spur momentum for gender parity.