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Vote for Workers’ Rights

November 3, 2014

November 4 is Election Day. As public pressure to increase the minimum wage rises, you might have noticed that your state has added a minimum wage increase initiative to its ballot. Specifically, residents of the following states will have the opportunity to vote on a minimum wage increase in this election:

  • Alaska: Ballot Measure 3
  • Arkansas: Issue 5
  • Illinois: Minimum Wage Increase Question
  • Nebraska: Initiative 425
  • South Dakota: Initiated Measure 18

If these initiatives pass, it’ll be the first time since 2009 that many low-wage workers have received a raise. It’s crucial you get out and vote, since we know that the current minimum wage — $7.25 per hour — keeps workers in poverty! If you’re not sure where your polling place is, visit the Voting Information Project’s website at votinginfoproject.org.

Help spread the word about these minimum wage ballot initiatives by sharing the following tweet:

It’s time to raise the #minimumwage in AL, AR, IL, NB, and SD! Show workers some love; #vote: http://www.uusc.org/vote #GOTV 

You can also continue to increase public pressure about increasing the federal minimum wage for tipped workers, currently $2.13 per hour. Share your #WageOutrage or stand up for workers’ rights the next time you dine out.

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