Get to know some of the people behind UUSC's empowering work. Read about the impact of their work with UUSC in this year's Stories of Hope. Then help us continue these vital partnerships by becoming a UUSC member at

Danielle Neus is helping bring successful rural gardening techniques to the urban areas of Haiti. She is sharing practices that can lead to individual self-sufficiency and national food sovereignty. Read Danielle's story.

Nelson Escobar came to the United States from El Salvador seeking asylum but then experienced oppressive working conditions. Nelson now helps others to overcome barriers, learn about their rights, and access support from workers’ centers and other organizations. Read Nelson's story.

Malya Villard-Appolon works to end gender-based violence in Haiti and provides support to survivors. Malya is educating and empowering women to know their legal rights and to talk to one another to create safer communities. Read Malya's story.

George Friday found out as a youth that it can be hard to stand alone against injustice. She trained in community organizing and began building coalitions. She helps people understand the capacity of their combined voices and the value of their grassroots knowledge and expertise. Read George's story.