UUSC Responds to Escalating Crisis in Haiti

Desafiando la injusticia, promoviendo los derechos humanos

El Comité de Servicio Unitario Universalista promueve los derechos humanos a través de colaboraciones de base.

3 Reasons Trump’s Immigration Rhetoric Should Terrify Us

Despite the temptation to go numb, there are big reasons why we still need to care about Trump’s dehumanizing comments.

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Advancing human rights is the result of many hands joining. Be part of the movement.

The UUSC Approach

UUSC members and our partners are making a difference around the world.

partner updates

Partner Spotlight: Tochán Sueños y Realidades, A.C.

Tochán provides material and legal support to people in migration in Mexico City, Mexico..

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Casa Tochan

Spiritually grounded activism

The UU College of Social Justice

UUCSJ provides educational opportunities for human rights advocacy

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Make a difference

Tell President Biden: Uphold the Human Rights of the People of Burma

Support the people of Burma by ensuring the Burmese military is denied access to weapons and are held accountable for crimes against humanity.

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Envoy Kerry Climate Justice
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