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Tochán Sueños y Realidades, A.C.

Tochán provides material and legal support to people in migration in Mexico City. Mexico.
A picture containing text, building, blue Description automatically generatedA mural of a crescent moon that states “Dreams are Not Illegal”. (Casa Tochan)

UBICACIÓN: Ciudad de México, México

For the past 11 years, Tochán Sueños y Realidades, A.C. has worked on the behalf of migrating people in Mexico City, Mexico. Tochán provides for material needs such as clothing, food, and personal hygiene items. It also provides legal assistance to help people in migration obtain legal status in Mexico; mental, physical, and dental care; human rights workshops; and job training and resources. 

UUSC is proud to partner with Tochán Sueños y Realidades, A.C. to continue this great work. Tochán’s goals intersect with UUSC’s commitment to migration justice.

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