UUSC advances human rights through grassroots collaboration. In more than a dozen countries throughout the world, UUSC fosters social justice and works toward a world free from oppression. Our innovative approach and measurable impact — in promoting economic justice, bolstering environmental justice, and protecting rights at risk — are grounded in the belief that all people have inherent power, dignity, and rights.

Ethnic cleansing in Burma must end

Your voice is urgently needed to advance legislation that will end the continuing violence against the Rohingya in Burma.

Legislation has been introduced that will make a genuine difference for the Rohingya by ending U.S. support of the Burmese military and holding those responsible for the atrocities  and violence accountable. Sign and send a letter to your Members of Congress urging them to cosponsor S. 2060/H.R. 4223 today.

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Focus Areas

Environmental Justice

Increasing temperatures and variable precipitation are intensifying natural disasters, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, intensifying droughts and causing widespread flooding disproportionately impact marginalized populations by multiplying their risks, widening inequalities, and threatening their basic human rights and dignities.

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Economic Justice

Economic justice is essential for securing basic human rights, alleviating poverty, and achieving a more just world. UUSC’s Economic Justice Program partners with grassroots organizations to protect the rights of workers and advocate for fair wages, fair, treatment, and safe work environments.

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Rights at Risk

In extreme situations of natural disaster, armed conflict, genocide, forced migration, and systematic injustice, the Rights at Risk Program strategically addresses the needs of the most vulnerable by providing aid and pursuing structural change.

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Rev. Mary Katherine Morn will be joining UUSC as our new president & CEO

UUSC Welcomes Rev. Mary Katherine Morn as President and CEO

We’re excited to announce Rev. Mary Katherine Morn will be joining UUSC as our new president & CEO. Mary Katherine brings with her extensive leadership and organizational development skills from her 30 years of experience progressive values and working for justice. Meet Mary Katherine!


A Look Back in Time and Hope For the Way Forward

I remember almost viscerally when the media began to circulate images of a young lifeless toddler in 2015. He had washed up on the shores of Turkey, face down in his red t-shirt, shorts, and shoes. His name was Aylan Kurdi.


Partner Lessons for Refugee Protection Learned along the Balkan Route

It has been more than three years since the first wave of Syrian migrants fleeing the civil war travelled across Europe searching for safety. This week, I will be traveling with fellow UUSC staff to Hungary, Serbia, and Croatia to hear  from our partners about the current situation facing refugees and to share results of the work we supported with a committed group of UUSC members.