UUSC remains vigilant in watching the Trump administration’s efforts to expand policy in ways that violate civil and human rights and continues to work with our partners on the ground to support those affected by these unnecessary, harmful policies. Here, a quick rundown of some of the troubling activities outlined in the memos.

Our weekly roundup of what we’re reading: a few select articles from the front lines of human rights that we don’t want you to miss. The Resistance Prevented Puzder From Becoming Labor Secretary, The Nation, John Nicols, February 15, 2017 Last Wednesday, Andrew Puzder, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor, withdrew his nomination due to […]

UUSC’s consultant on-the-ground in the Philippines organized a meeting of UUSC’s partners to discuss the impact on and responsibilities of human rights groups in the Philippines under Duterte. Many of our partners, initially reluctant to speak out against EJKs (in part for fear of their safety), soon expressed an interest in expanding the scope of their work to include human rights education and trainings.

This week’s Rights Reading covers abuses in Myanmar against the Rohingya, the latest on Trump’s travel ban, and the life-saving work of one of our partner organizations.