Tom Andrews

President and Chief Executive Officer

Quang Nguyen

Director of Human Resources

Adelaide Vonleh

Human Resources Assistant

Brittney Rose

Senior Executive Assistant

Rev. Dr. William Schulz

President Emeritus

Dr. Richard S. Scobie

Executive Director Emeritus

Programs, Advocacy, and Action

Rachel Gore Freed

Vice President and Chief Program Officer

Danielle Fuller-Wimbush

Director of Programs, Research, and Partner Support

Michael Kourabas

Associate Director for Program and Partner Support

Pamela Sparr

Associate Director for the Justice-Building Program

Hannah Hafter

Senior Program Leader for Activism

Philip Hamilton

Associate for Economic Justice

Rev. Paul Langston-Daley

Senior Program Leader for Justice-Building

Josh Leach

Associate for Programs, Research, and Advocacy

Inés Llorente

Associate for Administration, Programs and Research

Leigh Meunier

Associate for Program and Partner Support

Amber Moulton


Jillian Tuck

Senior Program Leader for Rights at Risk

Salote Soqo

Senior Program Leader for Environmental Justice and Climate Action

UU College of Social Justice

Rev. Kathleen McTigue

Director of the UU College of Social Justice

Christopher Casuccio

Senior Associate for Service-Learning Programs

Deva Jones

Senior Associate for Service-Learning and Volunteer Placements

Angela Kelly

Senior Associate for Justice Training

Heather Vickery

Associate for Administration and Enrollment

Communications and Knowledge Management

Shelly Koo

Associate for Online Content

Shayna Lewis

Senior Associate for Digital Campaigns


Cassandra Ryan

Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Kate Friedman

Associate Director of Development for Major Gifts

Karen Klett

Direct Marketing Officer

Carly Cronon

Associate for Congregational Giving Programs

Brendan Donnelly

Planned Giving and Major Gifts Officer

Eric Grignol

E-commerce and Merchandising Officer

Susan Mosher

Associate for Donor Services

Hannah Moy

Department Coordinator

Catrina Vear

Associate for Major Gifts

Finance and Operations

Mack Davidson

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Carol Cahalane

Director of Finance

Ethan Adams

Facility and Operations Manager

Giao Doan

Staff Accountant

Winnie Chau Nguyen


Mohamed Zine abidine

Senior Financial Analyst